Rapidly evolving, complex technologies require a fast-paced solutions-oriented approach.

Norvoc Bioscience understands the need for lasting value, which is achieved through a successful combination of exceptional design and technical excellence, and most importantly, that innovation can be achieved on any budget.

Norvoc scientists, researchers and technicians bring an inspired blend of collaborative, and creative expertise to each project. With our customers, clients and strategic partners in mind, we strive to provide service, innovation and growth through our technical expertise and knowledge of the industry. We understand the demanding needs on keeping facilities current in a market that has evidenced steady growth, as more private and public-sector clients seek to engage an upward industry.

The cornerstone of our success is the depth of resources and talent working in and out of the four walls of Norvoc Bioscience. Our employees have a vested interest in helping solve the toughest challenges to improve the quality of human life. Our technical, scientific and research teams work seamlessly as professionals to complete projects together, with ultimate success as the focus of every project, under the direction of a single, experienced project manager. Our services span the full range of facility work, from early planning, design, technical expertise through to manufacturing in a fully compliant, state-of-the-art facility. Our services, facilities and equipment can be adapted to almost any project for any client looking to enter or expand their footprint in the dietary supplement market.

Quality Assurance

Nutraceutical and biotech products impact all our lives in so many ways. The projects that we execute deliver innovative end-products to the consumer globally, and our highest priorities are always safety and quality . Norvoc operates a fully-compliant design and manufacturing environment in Southern California’s biotech hub and we offer open and comprehensive tours of our facilities to prospective clients.

Quality assurance is a constant, ongoing and critical aspect of every project Norvoc undertakes. We use the most advanced services and engage only the most qualified professionals in Process Engineering, Quality Assurance, Process Specialists, and Manufacturing professionals who work closely with our talented biotechnical scientific team, who take every concept through to a safe and viable end-product. We provide a single-source of responsibility for all services, from strategy and concept through manufacturing , quality testing, regulatory compliance, product design, project management, commissioning, and regulatory monitoring. For clients, we provide operations support and asset management services, maintenance optimization and traditional maintenance and turnaround services.

As a professional service provider, to the nutraceutical industry, each client benefits from both our quality focus and high compliance standards.

Commissioning, Qualification, Validation (CQV)

As a provider of professional services in the nutraceutical industry, clients benefit from both our local presence and global reach. We design, qualify, and manufacture products right the first time — bringing our clients’ and the consumer health care products we make to market quickly, resulting in the consumer getting the right product they need and the quality they deserve without delay.

Specialized Manufacturing

The world of manufacturing has become more cost-competitive and globalized; “commoditized” design firms are no longer adequate for those industry-leading manufacturers that seek to incorporate new manufacturing technologies and expand successfully in unfamiliar international markets.

Our automated as well as our hand-calculated manufacturing services include front-end design services utilizing virtual simulation tools for process optimization as well as systems integration services that convert designs into working manufacturing systems. Our methods are proven and efficient, and our streamlined maintenance processes minimize downtime and promote efficiency. Through sophisticated computerized tracking, we maximize and improve supply-chain efficiency.

From global consulting to seamlessly integrated engineering, product design and management services, our decades of combined experience translate to successful, innovative solutions for the most challenging projects. We understand the technologies and best practices that drive success in competitive manufacturing markets.

We understand that our success is about much more than the end product; it’s about a well-designed strategy and a well-planned facility, built to be flexible and deliver on-time, every-time.


Our facilities have been designed to allow our clients and strategic partners the flexibility to make a broad range of nutraceutical products. Our facilities have the capacity to make capsules and tablets of varying sizes as well as full spectrum coating facilities for tablets. Additionally, our team of scientists, technicians and formulators can assist clients on choosing the most effective additives, coatings and formulation methods for their individual nutraceutical needs.

Additionally, Norvoc operates a fully functional bottling and packaging line, allowing us to produce over 20,000 bottles of product per day. Norvoc also employs a team of designers who can assist clients in designing bottles as well as secondary packaging for their products.