Norvoc Bioscience suppliers will be chosen on the basis of price, quality, delivery, service, and integrity. The Company’s choice of suppliers will be made objectively, without bias or favor. Trustworthiness, reliability, openness, and only those in good standing, will be the distinguishing factors, and paramount in the Company’s dealings with the vendors we engage, and any company we do business with in the future. Norvoc also reserves the right to re-access any existing relationship if any of the aforementioned factors change during the course of any contract already in place.

The Company enters into all agreements with vendors with good faith, best intentions, and reasonable expectations, based on discussions and shared information prior to any and all agreements. Any new materials, info, or disparity that may arise after the contract has been made, in conflict with the Company’s ethical, moral or business standards, gives Norvoc the right to reassess, update or remove any terms in conflict with their own, or retreat from the agreement in its entirety.