Norvoc Bioscience was founded by scientists who are dedicated to leveraging their perspective in biomedical research for the betterment of human health and longevity. The Norvoc pharma and nutraceutical products and brands we represent reflect our years of expertise in various clinical, biomedical and research disciplines.

We offer a wide range of laboratory, testing and consulting services to our industry partners in our state-of-the-art, purpose-built laboratory and manufacturing facilities, designed to specifications, and following best-practice standards. With our vast distribution network, we are able to deliver client products to providers nationwide, and globally each and every day.

Our Scientists, Clinicians and Researchers are world-class in their respective disciplines and are dedicated to furthering open-access research and unlocking key technologies that can significantly save our clients time and revenue and while offering individualized service and a tailor-made experience.

Our nutraceutical developers seek the highest quality proprietary ingredients for the Norvoc brand suite of products. We use only the best bioavailable herbal concentrates and extracts that maintain their true nature throughout the manufacturing process.

We believe the best ingredients are an investment and add authentic value to the finished Norvoc product. We are skillful at extracting every drop of wellness-benefit from each and every herb we choose.

Norvoc is currently invested in and actively building the compliancy framework as a private label pharmaceuticals and generics provider and are committed to a fully-compliant distribution frame-work, and ushering in this next exciting phase by 2020.