The Norvoc Bioscience brand of excellence begins with our ingredients. We invest markedly in our extensive research and development process, and source only high-quality raw materials.

Norvoc’s team of scientists keep up to the minute, sourcing the finest available elements; vetted and quality tested for use in our products.

After selection, we perform cellular and molecular testing for purity and to determine the optimal dosage and delivery method. These formulations are then sent to our manufacturing team, who formulate and produce our product in accordance with FDA and GMP guidelines. Clinical trials follow every product-line to confirm each bottle’s effectiveness and safety.

We deliver to the customer only after the final step of quality control, protecting the highest level of trust in the Norvoc brand.

Supplier Vetting

Norvoc is committed to the quality of its products. As such, we are constantly monitoring and auditing our suppliers to make sure our ingredients are safe, ethically sourced and sustainable. Norvoc tests all incoming raw materials and will reject any batch that does not meet GMP guidelines or our internal quality standards.

Additionally, Norvoc conducts yearly audits of all of our suppliers. Our quality assurance team engages in on-site visits of the production, storage and distribution facilities of our various vendors to ensure all raw materials are being made in compliance with GMP as well as our internal quality standards. This helps ensure that our products are made with the highest quality, most thoroughly vetted ingredients.

Raw Material Testing

Unlike most supplement companies, Norvoc’s analytical chemistry facility is in-house. Our analytical team has the training, tools and expertise to detect contaminants in raw materials at levels as low as parts-per-billion.

Norvoc is committed to quality and safety, so we make sure to test all incoming raw materials for pesticides, microbial contaminants and heavy metals. Additionally, we test all finished product onsite to make sure it meets our standards of excellence, and to ensure what’s inside the bottle accurately reflects the claims we make on our label.