About Us

Our vision is to put good health back into the hands of the consumer by investing in the optimization of human health and longevity through fresh thinking and a progressive approach to biomedical design and state-of-the-art manufacturing.

A major part of our assets includes investment in our newly-built, state-of-the-art laboratory and comprehensive research facility. We bring excellence to biomedical design, manufacturing and an array of technical skills to produce the very best product, compliant and market-ready for our clients. We offer a full suite of licensing, consulting, and second and third-party production services to the industry and to our strategic partners.

We are scientists, with years of expertise in various clinical and biodiverse research environments, working hard every day to give the consumer new, safe and practical choices in a crowded and expensive home health market.

We trust in the four simple principles of Integrity, Ethics, Innovation and Respect, which form the bedrock of Norvoc Bioscience company’s core values, and these fundamental truths guide us towards a common goal: to call on the best of ourselves to produce the best for our customer.

Our employees drive the kinetic and creative energies in the Norvoc work culture, laying the groundwork for a self-perpetuating, open-minded think-space that results in original and imaginative thought. We believe flexibility of ideas and open dialogue promotes a nimble mind and gives our employees the right kind of environment they need to invent, develop and create the very best in bio-available technology.